About Us

GRIT & GLOWRY was founded by a 4 generation african american family. GRIT & GLOWRY’S mission is rooted in self love and self care. It is a company that is committed to delivering all natural and high vibrational products, valuable tools and never heard before information to both men & women that make self care a priority. The founders of our company believe that holistic healing, spiritual rituals and self love and care is the key to living a healthy & fullfilled life. Our name is a refection of what our products represent: GRIT = courage & stregnth GLOWRY = high honor and great beauty. ( Glow-ry is pronouced just as it sounds in honor of our culture) Every product created in our sacred place is cleansed & charged with high frequency & good vibes to help you become the highest version of yourself...mind, body & soul.