Meet the Host Jazmine Pente’

 There’s so much I could say about myself but that’s what the podcast is for so listen to what my audience, family and friends have to say….

Jazmine Pente'

“If I had to choose one word to describe her I would be in BIG trouble because she is so Awesome! She’s kind, raw, beautiful inside and out, caring and will tell you what’s up whether you like it or not! We need more people in world like her that’s not FAKE! And welled rounded as she is for her years on this Earth!” - My Mommy

“My mom is very self aware. She knows what she likes and don’t like as well as what she will and will not tolerate. Above all else, she puts her self first. She loves hard. “Actions speak louder than words” is her life’s motto; she doesn’t just say: she acts. She loves her family and her children, they come before any other person or thing. She is selfless and selfish; she knows how to balance both. She is strong and wise beyond her years. She treats life as a journey, celebrating every win and learning from every loss. She is Jazmine: like the flower, she came from dirt and blossomed into the amazing being she is today.” - My Daughter

“There’s not enough words to sum up a person with an out of this world personality. I think Jazmine is like rubber. No matter what hits her, negatively, she bounces it off and keep moving. I feel as if she is like a brick house, hard to penetrate, but once inside she is all warm and cozy. I think she is like water, when life hits her, she runs smooth and can go over, under, or around potential obstacles.” - My Child’s Father

“Jazz is a highly self motivated individual who knows what her purpose is in life and is not afraid to take chances outside of her comfort zone! She loves hard and gives all that is within her to make sure that everyone she surrounds herself with knows the meaning of living a high vibrational life!” - My Friend 

“To me, Jazmine is strength, compassion, intelligence, resilience, and power. These are the characteristics that makes her so unique. She may have gone through things in life like most of us, but it's her resilience that allows her to push through and continuously succeed. While taking on every day life with family and business, she still finds time to empower others and raise awareness on how to succeed and raise your vibrations. She speaks life into everyone she encounters. Her presence or just to hear her voice is always a breath of fresh air.” - My Friend & MUA 

“Jazmine is an amazing person that expects nothing but the best of a person in all that they do. She has a great heart and she is a hard worker that shows a continuous drive in what she sets out to accomplish and compete in life. She will give you her last and is a very loving person.” - My Physical Trainer & Best Friend 

“Jazmine is a strong, outspoken very intellectual woman, that is goal driven and very family oriented. She’s a Spiritual woman, that instills business, life, and every day survival skills into her kids daily. Jazmine has a heart of gold and will give a person the shirt off her back, and at the same time will tell a person if they’re wrong. She’s a one of kind Soul.” - My Ex 

“Jazmine is one of the most consistent people that I know. She is direct, blunt, to the point and at the same time compassionate, witty and loving. Her mere presence motivates me. Her energy says, “come here girl let me help you.” - My Favorite Person

“Jazmine really does some amazing work. She just have this anointing and her energy is honest and refreshing. I love following her.” - One of My Supporters 

“I adore Jazmine Pente’ and don't even know her personally!! I just love a strong and positive woman and I know that’s what she is.” - A Follower & Supporter