The Road to Overcoming Adversity

In a world filled with uncertainty and challenges, I found myself on an unexpected journey. I was a fearless teenager who, against all odds, embraced the responsibilities of parenthood at a very young age.

At 16 I found myself facing a life-altering decision with very few options. But despite the uncertainty and fear, I chose to embrace motherhood with courage and determination. With a heart full of love, I welcomed Kaylah, just a year later Antonio & then Carlese, unaware of the extraordinary path that would lay ahead.

As a teenage parent, I had to navigate some uncharted waters, confronting obstacles that seemed insurmountable at the time. Balancing the demands of parenthood with the pressures of high school life, I found myself at a crossroads. The weight of my responsibilities led me to make a difficult choice – I decided to leave formal education behind and face the world with my children at the forefront of my priorities.

Though the road was challenging, I refused to let my circumstances define me. Driven by an unwavering spirit, I sought out ways to overcome each obstacle that came my way. The support of my family, personal development and newfound resilience became my guiding light.

With each passing day, I discovered my innate strength and determination. I embraced the role of both mother and teacher, instilling valuable life lessons in my children while learning essential lessons myself. Through the highs and lows, I found the courage to rise above every adversity. I’ve endured many struggles from the death of my brother, losing my daughter, Spiritual & physical abuse, betrayal, chronic illnesses, trauma, a failed marriage, self sabotage, the death of my father and a whole lotta other shit in between.

But as the years passed, determination and personal growth, has paved the way for many extraordinary triumphs in my life. With unwavering faith in myself & the Spirit of God, I’ve turned every hardship into stepping stones for personal growth, development and empowerment.

Now nearly 20 years later, with young adult, wise & thriving children, a Spirit full of wisdom, peace, purpose and a mind as strong as Samson, I stand as a beacon of hope and guidance not only for my kids but you too, a living testament to the power of resilience and determination. Today, I share a small portion of my story not for pity or admiration but to inspire others who face similar challenges.

With my journey etched into my heart, I invite you to embrace your own path of transformation. The Total Life Transformation Challenge is an opportunity that I created and facilitate for others yearly to discover the tools and insights that empowered me to overcome my obstacles and shine my light in the face of any adversity.

Join us as we continue the 3rd Cohort of resilience, empowerment, and personal growth in the TLT CHALLENGE happening August 6-12, 2024. We break barriers together, we learn to positively rise above challenges, and create a life of purpose and fulfillment. Sign up for our email list to stay updated on this years challenge! 


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