Coming Face To Face With Your Demons: Why It Is Important That You Show Up And Not Run

Self Love, as we know it, comes in many different forms. Mental health plays a key role in learning to love yourself. The mind is one of the most powerful tools the human body has, so you must learn to take care of it. The weight of this world is heavy. We all have struggles , and we all have battles that we are fighting internally. Everyone has their problems, and everyone deals with those problems in their own way. Many of us use unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with our issues. Whether it’s believing that we can smoke our problems away, drown them in alcohol, or distract ourselves, people will find any way possible to not think about the things that are constantly eating at them. 

Imagine that you have a bully at school. This bully scares you. They constantly follow you around, taunting you, bringing you down to your lowest self. You have one choice of standing up to your bully, or you can run away. Our demons are our bullies, and using unhealthy ways to cope is you making the choice to run away. 

It takes a strong individual to make the decision to face their problems head on, to say that they are not going to avoid them, but instead come face to face with them. Loving yourself means doing the hard things. No one said that the process would be easy, but It is vital. We should all want to give ourselves the chance to heal and grow, and that starts within. 

Avoidance doesn’t make the problem go away; it will only provide a temporary fix. Say what it is that is bothering you. Let it be known what it is that you are running away from. Seek help, and use that help to fight off your demons. They will put a fight, but you have to believe that they will not win in the end. You have to believe that you are stronger than your problems, trying again and again until you control them. Love yourself enough to protect you from your own demons.

You will come face to face with your demons only to realize that you are staring at yourself. We oftentimes get in our own way, bottling up our emotions that will inevitably follow behind us everywhere we go. Listen to your demons, hear yourself out, do what you can to heal what hurts and before you know it, you will coexist with one another in balance. Your problems will no longer scare you. You will instead invite them in and face them head on. 

So come face to face with those demons: you will be glad you did.

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