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Raise your vibrations & increase your quality of life by hearing lifestyle influencer, mom, self care advocate & serial entrepreneur, Jazmine Pente’ dive into the Grit & Glowry of life. Using her own life’s experiences & perspectives combined with the personal & professional views of experts in various industries & walks of life, she takes you on a journey of the grit & glowry of life, business, self & spirit. Showing you how to transform your darkness into light. Your L’s into W’s & your grit into glowry. Tune in & join us each week of every season to experience a vibe like no other.

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Grit & Glowry Podcast with Jazmine Pente

Episode 10 “Let Love Be The Connection”

In the finale of the Grit & Glowry Podcast season 1 Jazmine explains what 2022 looks like for her. Love, connection and cash is the only form of payment being accepted in 2022. Tune in a see how she ends the previous year & set the tone for 2022!

Grit & Glowry Podcast with Jazmine Pente

Episode 9 “Generation Z & What They Need Most”

In episode 9 Jazmine sits down with her 14 year old daughter to talk life, issues & style to gain understanding of the new generation.


Episode 8 “The Power of Connection”

Whew child!!! In episode 8 Jazmine shares her thoughts on the power of connection and how important it is to relationship building. She says in a world where most people are craving attention, she crazes connection. Take a listen to how she defines the two!


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Grit & Glowry Podcast with Jazmine Pente


If you wanna get your edges snatched, this is the podcast to listen to.

Manny P

The podcast was amazing, I cant wait for season 2.


Episode 7 was my favorite, but I learned so much about myself listening to this podcast. Jazmine really has a way of pulling you in.


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