Grit & Glowry

is more than skin care. We're a lifestyle company committed to raising the vibrations of those within our culture by creating clean & high frequency products, providing valuable resources and encouraging the priority of self care for all.

Good Vibes & Good Skin Awaits You

Take your self care and skin care to new heights with the #1 body scrub on the market. Made with citrus, hemp, essential oils, Epsom salt, brown sugar and a host of other high frequency ingredients to buff away dead skin, provide intense moisture and leave you with a healthy glow. The citrus and essential oil aroma from our body polish is guaranteed to leave you full of high vibing energy.

Vibe High Body Polish



If you have found yourself tired of being sick and tired of low vibrational energy, Grit & Glowry is for you. Through high frequency products, digital resources, our podcast and an electrifying community...You'll be vibing high in no time. Join our email list today to start your journey.